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Where insurance meets financial security, providing a safety net for life's challenges @Ambrela

Insurance helps mitigate the risks present in every aspect of life by offering coverage, providing not just financial security, but also emotional peace of mind. With Ambrela, you can trust that you are protected.

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Now get the perfect insurance plan for you and your family only @Ambrela

Ambrela’s Expert Partner network along with Tech Engine helps you get the insurance plans that are well-suited for you and your family. The cherry on the cake is our transparent and quick process.

An insurance policy through Ambrela gives you:

Free consulting on the plan that is best suited for you & your Family.

Easy & Convenient Purchase experience – Completely Cash-free.

Round - Clock Support on your Claims – Just WhatsApp us and we’ve got your back.

We work with some of the most trusted companies with the best Claim-to- Settlement ratios.

Our Services
We’re covering all Insurance fields:

At Ambrela we prioritise your interest while selecting that perfect insurance policy for you. Before you take that next Insurance policy, do connect to an Ambrela Expert to know your options and the best quotes. Ambrela works with top insurance companies in the country to give you an Insurance policy that you can feel good about.

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Health Insurance

Health is one’s Greatest Wealth. Ambrela provides various Health Policies to protect yourself and your family. Contact an Expert to know

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Life Insurance

A Life Insurance is a promise of financial stability for your family even if you are  not around. Get a Life Insurance plan through Ambrela and let your dear ones  know that you will take care of them, forever. Contact an Expert to know more.

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Endowment Policy

Endowment plans provide a disciplined route for savings, which could come in handy in case of a financial emergency. Contact an Expert to know more.

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Unit Linked Insurance

Insurance plans that offer the dual benefit of investment to fulfil your long-term goals, and a life cover`to financially protect your family in case of an unfortunate event. Contact an Expert to know more.

Thinking about getting Insurance Plans for
you and your Family? We at Ambrela are
here to help you.
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100s of Quality products with industry leading benefits
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Cashless, hassle free and really quick
All in one App-Mutual Funds, Insurance & loans
24/7 support for you & your clients
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Ambrela recommends doing Financial Planning exercise for your clients to understand their needs better
A 360* Platform to manage all things money for your clients
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