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Providing you a lending hand when you need it the most for all of life's oppurtunities.

Bringing us closer to achieving your financial aspirations by providing loans, whether it's start a business, buying a home, or pursuing education.

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Now get Superfast Loan

Don’t clip your wings. Instead, give your dreams the wings they always deserved. Get a loan through Ambrela and experience

the true joy of life.

Get a Loan through Ambrela
and repay at your own time!
We offer:

Immediate Approval

Hassel-free Processing

No paper Work

Attractive Interest Rates

Flexible Repayment Options

Our Services
We help you with these loans:
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Home Loan

Get Superfast Home Loans With Loans Ambrela. Tap to Know More.
Loans Ambrela provides superfast Home Loans to Our Customers. Tap to Know More.

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Educational Loan

Instant Education Loan Online in India. Pursue your dream education course
in India or study abroad with various student loans with Loans Ambrela
Tap to Know More.

Before you get that next loan, contact your Ambrela.Money Expert

for checking your options, select the ones that offer you the most flexibility at lowest interest rates.

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Car Loan

Loans Ambrela provides New Car Loans with up to 100% financing for your car at attractive Interest Rates & flexible repayment tenures. Tap to Know More.

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Personal Loan

Aid to your dreams with Instant Loans by Ambrela. Tap to Know More.

We have partnered with some of the most trusted NBFCs like:
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100s of Quality products with industry leading benefits
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Cashless, hassle free and really quick
All in one App-Mutual Funds, Insurance & loans
24/7 support for you & your clients
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Ambrela recommends doing Financial Planning exercise for your clients to understand their needs better
A 360* Platform to manage all things money for your clients
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