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We provide you a lending hand when you need it the most for all of life's opportunities. 

As your financial companion, we aim to help you achieve your financial aspirations by providing loans, whether it's for starting a business, buying a home, or pursuing education. 

We have got this sorted!  

Why Ambrela Money for loans? 

Get a loan with Ambrela Money and enjoy abundant features! 


  • Quick Approval 

  • Hassle-free Processing 

  • Flexible Repayment Options 

  • Lowest Interest Rates 

  • Minimum Documentation  

  • No Paperwork 

Our Services
Our Lending Options/ Our Loan Portfolio/ Diverse range of loans offered by us. 

Before you get that next loan, contact your Ambrela.Money Expert

for checking your options, select the ones that offer you the most flexibility at lowest interest rates.

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Home Loan

Our loans come with lowest interest rates and flexible EMIs. We provide upto 90% loan and make homeownership more affordable.

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Business Loan

We help entrepreneurs grow their ventures. 

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SME Lending Loan

We support India’s growing economy by providing small and medium-sized enterprises with tailored loan solutions. 

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Personal Loan

Our quick approval process and flexible EMIs help you meet big expenses like education, medical expenses, or travel.

We have partnered with some of the most trusted NBFCs like:
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100s of Quality products with industry leading benefits
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Cashless, hassle free and really quick
All in one App-Mutual Funds, Insurance & loans
24/7 support for you & your clients
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Ambrela recommends doing Financial Planning exercise for your clients to understand their needs better
A 360* Platform to manage all things money for your clients
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