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Diversify Your Investments, Simplify Your Life through Mutual Funds @Ambrela

Offereing every Indian the oppourtunity to participate in a professionally managed portfolio of stocks or bonds,

tailored to meet their personal and family needs.

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Now get access to Top Rated Mutual Funds & Index Funds only @Ambrela

Ambrela helps you choose the Funds that suit you and your family’s needs best.

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This is how we filter the top Mutual Funds for you:

Fund Manager Experience & Longevity

Scheme Investment Objectives

Quality of underlying portfolio

Fund Manager Style vis-a-vis current economic sentiments

Global & Domestic Macro Economic Background 

Frequency of Portfolio changes & Rationale behind them.

We have partnered with some of the most trusted Asset management Companies like:
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Buy your next Mutual Fund through
Ambrela and take charge of your
investing journey.
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100s of Quality products with industry leading benefits
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Cashless, hassle free and really quick
All in one App-Mutual Funds, Insurance & loans
24/7 support for you & your clients
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Ambrela recommends doing Financial Planning exercise for your clients to understand their needs better
A 360* Platform to manage all things money for your clients
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