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The journey is always

better with company!

Offering every Indian the oppurtunity to participate in a

professionally managed portfolio of stocks or bonds, tailored to meet their personal and family needs.

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Make your way to Partner with Ambrela

Deepen the Financial Penetration in Bharat, providing

access to credit and quality Financial Solutions to the

billion Indians and bridging the Financial Literacy Gap

are the core tenets of our mission.

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Partnership with us

India has borne witness to an impressive growth these last couple of decades.

The growth created prosperity for millions and lifted many millions out of  poverty. We today have a thriving middle class and robust economy. 

That said, as we enter the next phase of our growth story and look forward to the day we celebrate century of India’s independence, we should all ask ourselves a question: What kind of India do we all envision?

If your answer is a more Financially Equal and prosperous India, then we are glad that you are here. Inclusive growth is not just a good idea, it’s the need of the hour.

Let's join hands, for we can surely use some help.

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100s of Quality products with industry leading benefits
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Cashless, hassle free and really quick
All in one App-Mutual Funds, Insurance & loans
24/7 support for you & your clients
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Ambrela recommends doing Financial Planning exercise for your clients to understand their needs better
A 360* Platform to manage all things money for your clients
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