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Let us dive into some news from past week 

 Casualties mount as Israel-Hamas War enters 3rd month

According to reports from Gaza Health Ministry, 17,177 Palestinians were killed and 46,000 injured during the war which started on Oct 7. Israel lost 1332 lives and had 1271 people wounded during the conflict. UAE has urged the UN Security Council to vote on a resolution demanding immediate ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas. For the resolution to be adopted, there need to be at least 9 votes in favour and no vetoes by the five permanent members. Meanwhile, US has clarified it does not support any action in this regard by the council.

Election Results- BJP’s Triumph

The recent election outcomes saw BJP securing victories in three of the five states, notably Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, where they gained the highest number of seats. The Zoram People's Movement party emerged victorious in Mizoram, while the Indian National Congress dominated in Telangana. BJP's consecutive wins have buoyed their prospects for the upcoming general elections next summer, stirring concern among opposition parties, particularly the Congress. This triumph comes as a moment of jubilation for the BJP, following the loss of their stronghold in the south, Karnataka.

Cyclone Michaung Strikes Chennai, Triggering Floods

Cyclone Michaung struck Chennai, resulting in relentless heavy rainfall that swamped the city. The floods disrupted daily life, causing casualties and property damage. This marks the third such occurrence in Chennai within 8 years. The impact led to the cancellation of 15 trains, prompting authorities to declare a holiday for all schools and colleges. Many areas remain waterlogged, leaving over 61,000 people in need of shelters. In response, Prime Minister Narendra Modi allocated a relief fund of over 900 crore for Tamil Nadu to aid in recovery efforts.

More news from the week ...

  • Surging Nifty, Record Highs Continue: Stock markets responded positively to the victory of BJP in 3 out of 5 states. The market rally is expected to continue amid the positive environment. to June 2023. 

  • Hottest Year: 2023 has been recorded as the hottest year in history, with the global average temperature reaching 1.46 degrees Celsius, slightly above pre-industrial levels. November alone saw two days with mean temperatures exceeding 2 degrees Celsius.

  • RBI maintains repo rate unchanged at 6.5%: During the monetary policy meeting, RBI kept the repo rate at 6.5% and withdrew the accommodative policy stance. The decision comes after inflation remaining under comfortable limits and economic growth.

  • Startup woes continue: In a move to turn the company rightsized, Spotify reduces its workforce by 17% impacting 1500 employees. In another news, Dunzo has delayed the November salaries of employees due to cash crunch.

Visual of the week

Mount Merapi (1).png


This is an image of the Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi on Dec 5th spewing gray clouds of ash as high as 3 km. Indonesia is home for 100 other volcanoes and Merapi was one of the active volcanoes. 11 hikers were found dead near the craters and 12 others were missing and many others suffered burns. There was a total of 75 hikers when the volcano erupted.

Test you knowledge !

Which country has the most number of active volcanoes?


[B] Japan

[C] Russia

[D] Indonesia

With 55 active volcanoes, Indonesia has the greatest number of active volcanoes. Japan ranks second with 40, followed by USA and Russia with 39 and 27 volcanoes respectively.


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